Trigger or Snap finger

What is it:

Also called stenosing tenosynovitis of the flexor tendons, it is an inflammation of the flexor tendon of a finger, which manifests itself by the formation of a painful tendon nodule at the base of the affected finger.

This causes the characteristic trigger in the movements of bending (flexion) and straightening (extension) the finger, due to the mechanical difficulty encountered by the nodule as it moves under the protective sheath. The locking is often accompanied by pain and consequent difficulty in movement.

The causes are not always clear; Excessive tendon stress is often the main reason.

Recommended Treatment:

Initial treatment such as immobilisation and corticosteroid infiltration are effective in reducing swelling and pain, but is not always enough to eliminate the click. In case of persistent or reoccurring symptoms surgery, performed under local anaesthetic, is indicated to free the tendon from the protective sheath through an incision at the base of the finger. In selected cases it is possible to treat the pathology in endoscopy by performing the operation through two small holes at the base of the finger.

The surgery lasts about 5 minutes and is performed under local anaesthesia in a Day Hospital.

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