Instructions for patients

This page presents the main instructions and indications for patients undergoing Hand Surgery


  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of the appointment time, so you can complete any organizational or administrative details or requests.
  2. Normally there are no specific requirements, but it is necessary to observe basic hygiene rules and wear comfortable clothing.
  3. Remember to bring your previous medical records.


Some tips to follow after hand surgery

FIG1 Until tomorrow: keep your arm in a sling around your neck when you are standing; when lying down, fold a pillow in half, place it by your side and place your arm on it, so that the hand stays above the heart.
FIG2 Until you go to sleep: put an ice bag on the palm of your hand for 20 minutes, stay without for about 40 minutes, then put the ice back for another 20 minutes.
FIG3 In case of pain, it is recommended to take a painkiller tablet. There is no specifically recommended drug other than what you would normally use for a headache. It is however recommended to take at most one tablet every 8 hours after meals. Do not wait until the pain becomes too strong, if it starts, it is better to fight it right away.
FIG4 For two days: every 15 minutes it is advisable to raise the hand over the head and perform 10 movements of opening and closing the fingers, even if this is a little painful. This operation is important to help decrease the swelling of the hand.
FIG5 From tomorrow: the hand can be used normally, without any limitation of movement or effort, you can drive the car, lift weights, ride a bike,…
FIG6 The dressing should be kept as it is for 15 days. It should be kept dry until it is removed after 15 days by appointment.