Carpal canal syndrome

What is it:

It’s an inflammation of the median nerve caused by the compression, inside the carpal canal, of the flexor tendons that pass through it. The symptoms may be: tingling and cramping pain from the hand to the forearm, mainly during the night, decreased strength and sensitivity. The causes of this disease are not yet fully known.

To diagnose the syndrome of the canal it is useful to perform an electromyographic examination which is the only reliable diagnostic tool.

Recommended therapy:

Conservative therapy (support, corticosteroid infiltration) is rarely effective. The resolutive treatment is nerve decompression surgery, which is generally performed using an endoscopic technique under local anaesthesia in Day Hospital. The surgery, which lasts a few minutes, involves a small cutaneous incision in the wrist that is closed with two small plasters and a dressing to be kept for about 10 days. Hand mobilization is immediate.

Physiotherapy, through simple exercises to perform alone during the day, is an integral part of the treatment and allows you to immediately use your hand for normal daily activities and resume work in a few weeks.

Canale carpale